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Greetings From LuLu’s County: Get out of the Country and into more Country with these toddler takes on vacationing in the countryside; whether it’s in France with a boatneck to the Adirondack with Appalachian A-Lines the LuLu’s aesthetic has something for your much needed vacation.

Midnight Safari — High Contrast Animal Prints and fake furs with Lightweight must-haves for spring: 100% Cottons, Linens, Jerseys, Khakis and Cargos. Make everyday an adventure that lasts well into the night!

Come out of the cave and creep into the forest. For Spring is coming! Woodland creature masks by William Eng!

Funktastic Extraplanetary Tea Time @ Sunset:

Bold Colors and prints contrast on lighter backgrounds and vice versa for dynamic effect in familiar garments with traditional silhouettes.

When you don’t just have to get out of New York but the whole planet Earth, think extra-terrestrially and tell them Bootsy sent you.

We’re celebrating Black History Month with an Installation by William Eng “Roots of Black Style” Check out the new window!

How it works:

1. You may drop off items for resale between 10:30-5pm Monday through Saturday and 11:30-5pm Sundays. We will sort through your items and select the items, if any, we believe our customers will buy. This process usually takes 45 minutes. The wait may be longer on weekends. Sometimes there are items we cannot accept; these items need to be picked up before the store closes on the same business day you drop off. Un-retrieved items will become the property of Lulu’s Then and Now to be disposed of at our discretion. 

2. We generally price our merchandise at a 50-80% discount from current retail prices. Pricing is at the discretion of the buyer and can be influenced by season, style, customers’ preference, condition of the item, etc.

3.We total the resale value of your items and offer 40% of the value in a store credit (store credits cannot be used on new merchandise) or 25% in a check that will be mailed to you. 

   ***For Maternity Consignment: We have the same process, pricing method, and policies as with our children’s resale; however, under your agreement, we will display your items for 60 days at full consignment price.  At the end of this term, any unsold items will be discounted at 50% for another 30 day period.  When/if items sell, then you may receive 40% of the final selling price of each item in a store credit to use in our store (excluding new merchandise) or 25% in a check that will be mailed to you. Unsold and/or un-retrieved items will become the property of Lulu’s Then and Now to be disposed of at our discretion.  

What We Buy: 

All items must be clean and in resalable condition.

Clothing must be high quality clothing for newborn-8 years.  Items must be freshly washed or new with tags & free of stains and holes.   

Shoes, Boots and Outerwear must be in nearly new condition 

Classic Toys & Books in working order, complete with all pieces or parts 

Baby Gear  including carriers, diaper bags and other baby essentials.  Please call ahead about large items to ensure we have the space 

Brands we   : Crewcuts, Tea Collection, Makie, Bonpointe, Bu and the duck, Mini Boden, Petite Bateau, Lucky Wang, Morgan and Milo.  We occasionally buy non-designer brands if the item is really exceptional. 

What we do not buy: 

Car seats, Stuffed animals unless new with tags, Cribs, Bedding, bumpers, or blankets unless new and in original packaging, Socks, underwear, or tights unless new with tags 

Store Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6:30  Saturday 10-6 Sunday 11-6 

75A Fifth Ave Park Slope Brooklyn  718 398-lulu 

Vests for 4 yr olds!

Tweed reversible $10

Lands End Puffer $16

Reversible 4yrs 10
Lands end 4 16

For your Cowboys … 

Bunting $27

Small Paul Rain Boots $9

Deputy Sherif’s Badge  $1.95

"BANG" GUN $3.95

Handlebar Mustache $6.95


We are lucky enough to have not one, but TWO rocking horses in the store right now!

Eddie Bauer $60

One Step Ahead $45

Cute booties for little ones!

TOP:  Primigi size 20 $13
BOTTOM: size 19 $10